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The SureLOK™ PC is a cervicothoracic system that
offers a simple and versatile solution to posterior cervicothoracic fixation. The top loading, low profile polyaxial screw design features 80° of angulation to allow for ease of rod insertion with minimal contouring. The system includes easy-to-use instrumentation, as well as a variety of hook, rod, offset and domino options for the most difficult of cases.

System features:

  • Low Profile Polyaxial Screws provide excellent angulation (80°) in all planes for increased intraoperative flexibility
  • Self-tapping, Self-drilling 3.5 & 4.0mm Screws facilitate accurate placement
  • Tulip-to-Tulip Adjustable Cross-Links provide 3 directions of freedom
    • 30 - 35mm
    • 35 - 45mm
    • 45 - 65mm
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